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Unique Electric Wheelchair Scooter With Omnidirectional Wheels

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Key Features

  • Flip-up armrest for easy access
  • Charging Time: 4 hours
  • Climbing performance: 20°
  • Weight capacity 160kg
  • Spare battery available
  • Battery weight: 3KG
  •  Net weight including battery: 42kg
  • Complies with United Arab Emirates standards
  • Easy to disassemble into 3 pieces in a few simple steps for transport and storage.
Fulfilled by My Mobility
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Buy Omnidirectional Wheelchairs Scooter in UAE

The Omnidirectional Wheelchairs offer a unique way to get around and are perfect for people who have trouble walking. They come in a variety of options, including scooters that have omnidirectional wheels. These wheels make it easier to maneuver the chair, making it easier for users to get where they need to go. There are also wheelchairs that have seats that recline, making them perfect for people who want to take a nap or relax.

No matter which type of electric wheelchair scooter you choose, be sure to take into account your personal mobility limitations and decide which features will make the most sense for you. Wheelchair scooters are a great choice for anyone who wants an easy way to get around, no matter their mobility level.

The IGET1 is a Hybrid Wheelchair that also functions as a Mobility Scooter. Have the convenience of a motorized mobility scooter as well as a joystick-controlled wheelchair scooter in one! The IGET1 wheelchair scooter is the most distinctive and inventive product on the wheelchair scooter website.


  • The load capacity of a wheelchair/scooter varies depending on the kind of terrain on which it is utilised.
  • The quoted load capacity provided by the supplier may have been for a product tested on level ground.
  • However, when the product is utilised on an incline, the load capacity, performance, and stability may alter.
  • These variables, including the maximum grade on which a wheelchair/scooter should be operated safely, must be negotiated with the seller.


  • Power: 180W
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Certification: EEC
  • Charging Time: 4 hours
  • Easy to disassemble into three pieces in a few simple steps for transport and storage.
  • The seat (11kg), the front half (11kg), and the remaining part is the back section, weighing 20kg.
  • Flip-up armrest for easy access
  • Tire Size: 10 inch
  • Material: Aeronautical Aluminium
  • Motor: 2 DC 24V Brushless Motor
  • Battery: 24V 10AH 18650 lithium battery
  • Running range: 20km
  • Lowest clearance point from the ground: 80mm
  • Brake distance: 0.6 meters under dry condition, 0.7 meters under wet condition
  • Brake mode: Electromagnetic brake
  • Seat cushion 40 X 40 cm
  • Size: 56 X 86 X 110 cm
  • Internal width from inside of armrest to the inside of the other armrest: 47cm
  • Rated maximum load mass: 160kg
  • Battery weight: 3KG
  • Net weight including battery: 42kg
  • Charger size 14.6 x 7 x 3.9 cm
  • Battery size 11.5 x 15 x 25 cm
  • Climbing performance: 10°
  • Internal distance between two armrests: 47cm
  • Warranty Information:
  • 1 Year Frame
  • 1 Year Components

The omnidirectional wheel gives you the best turning radius on the market.


Best wheelchair scooter for outdoors?

This wheelchair mobility scooter is the greatest wheelchair for outside use, as its unique omnidirectional wheels provide the best turning radius on the market! This wheelchair is strong sturdy and robust, with wide front and rear wheels that make it easy to operate and go around the neighborhood.

What is the best wheelchair scooter?

The hybrid mobility scooter and power wheelchair is the best wheelchair; we have a large selection of heavy wheelchairs.

Where can I rent a bariatric wheelchair in the United Arab Emirates?

Yes! We rent bariatric wheelchairs in the United Arab Emirates. We have manual and motorized bariatric wheelchairs for a variety of users.

What is the lightest folding wheelchair?

The auto-folding wheelchair lightweight with remote control is the lightest folding wheelchair. This wheelchair is only 17 kg! This makes it one of the lightest wheelchairs in the United Arab Emirates and the world.

Which power wheelchair is best?

The following are some of the features that make the Air Hawk the best Power Wheelchair on the market:

  • Portable and Lightweight, weighing only 23 Kg
  • Heavy Duty Maximum weight capacity of 180 Kg
  • Re-programmable Joystick and customizable Wheelchair
  • Impressive 25 Km mileage taking you far as possible
  • 2x Powerful Brushless motor
  • 2x heavy-duty Pneumatic tyres

What is the best folding wheelchair?

Notable features that distinguish the Falcon as the best Power Wheelchair on the market include:

  • Foldable and Compact, fitting into the tiniest of boot spaces
  • Re-programmable Joystick and customizable Wheelchair
  • Stepless Reclining backrest
  • Foldable Central footrest and flip-up armrests


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