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Portable Mesh Round Open Top Trash Can

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Fulfilled by MyMobility
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Key Features

  • Perfect for any room
  • Keep your space clean
  • Solid metal base
  • Easy to use and clean, size, and capacity
  • Ventilated mesh design, sturdy but lightweight 
Fulfilled by My Mobility
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Buy Lightweight and portable metal trash cans in UAE

Ideal for usage in the office, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom/dorm room, and other public areas. Provide a wastebasket in each room in your home. Install a garbage container at each desk in a new office; Using multiple baskets, separate recyclables from garbage. The steel mesh construction creates a ventilated wastebasket that aids in moisture prevention. The airy construction keeps smells at bay.

This waste bin is spacious, with a round aperture and tapered design to ensure trash goes into the can rather than around it; wire mesh keeps the wastebasket well-ventilated, reducing moisture and odor buildup. Maintains a clean, sanitary, and healthy environment.

The stainless steel black waste bin may also be easily attached to most grocery plastic bags. A brushed stainless steel finish makes cleaning the bathroom trash can easy. Please check the product size from the photo before purchase as this is a tiny trash can. The rubber-surfaced foot pedal has been replaced with a stainless steel foot pedal.

The black waste bin has a sturdy base to ensure that the rubbish you place in it does not fall out. This garbage can has a hands-free disposal opening, making it a more sanitary option than push-door waste receptacles.

Stay Organized with Our Mesh Waste Basket

This mesh garbage can be a terrific addition to any workplace, allowing you to personalize while still keeping your area neat and tidy. This mesh design provides it with a distinct and stylish appearance while keeping garbage contained. This metal mesh design is both beautiful and long-lasting, able to survive even the most strenuous working day. Organize your home with this circular mesh wastebasket recycling container. This wastebasket is essentially a garbage can or bin that may be used in your house, office, apartment, dorm room, and bedroom.

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  • Color: black, Silver
  • Material: Metal material, strong bearing capacity, not easy to damage
  • Applicable places: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office, study, car, etc.

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