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Transfer Commode and Over Toilet Wheelchair

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Fulfilled by MyMobility
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Key Features

  • Ideal aid tool for families, medical institutions, and nursing homes
  • Assisting in moving from wheelchair to sofa, bed, and bathroom for assisted or independent washing, showering, and dining
  • Adjustable height
  • Waterproof
  • The Best Commode Chair on the Market
  • 1 Year Warranty
Fulfilled by My Mobility
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Buy Transfer Commode Wheelchair Online in UAE

  • Comfort Features

Our alternative toilet commode, the Transfer Commode Wheelchair, features a friendly design with a safe one-carrier operation. The versatile toilet commode parts assist people in moving from a wheelchair to a sofa, bed, and other spots for daily activities. It also features a unique folding commode toilet design to reduce potential over-straining.

  • Adjustable & Movable with Decent Load Capacity

The adjustable height of this adult toilet chair allows easy use for people of all ages, alongside the pretty decent load capacity of 100kg. You can also use it for bedside commode transfer.

Several bathroom commode accessories also come with this transfer commode wheelchair, but the most noteworthy is a soft cushion for extended usage to protect pressure points and aches & pains.

  • Additional Features for Convenience

In addition to being the height-adjustable commode chair, the transfer commode wheelchair features several more parts for added convenience. The silent & smooth wheels with a durable & efficient wheel brake system combined with a couple of buckles offer high levels of safety. Furthermore, the Waterproof feature allows its simple use under the shower as well.

  • Sturdy Materials

The portable toilet chair is designed from sturdy materials; the steel frame & structure, eco-friendly & waterproof foam, robust plastic footplate, plastic handles for durability, toilet seat covers, and engineering plastic ABS make a super-functional, convenient, and highly comfortable PVC commode chair over a toilet.

Important Notes

  • The machine needs to be properly intact with a potty seat prior to use.
  • Users need to keep their feet on the ground when getting on or off the portable bathroom commode.
  • Adjust the height appropriate to the user prior to use.
  • Both sides’ seat boards must be at the same height.
  • Avoid adjusting the height when using.
  • Lock the wheels during use.

Transfer Commode and Over Toilet Wheelchair 100 kg weight capacity Homes, Aged Cares and Hospitals- iMOVE

This transfer chair is helpful for older adults and people with disabilities, which limits their movements.


Transfer Commode and Over Toilet Wheelchair 100 kg weight capacity Homes, Aged Cares and Hospitals- iMOVE

Transfer patients to their beds or other places around the house without putting too much pressure on the carrier


Transfer Commode and Over Toilet Wheelchair 100 kg weight capacity Homes, Aged Cares and Hospitals- iMOVE

Durable and rust-protected steel frame patient lift and transfer chair


Transfer Commode and Over Toilet Wheelchair 100 kg weight capacity Homes, Aged Cares and Hospitals- iMOVE

Solid long lasting wheels with foot-operated locks on all four wheels

Material explanation:

      • The frame and structure are made of steel.
      • Engineering Plastic ABS
      • The backrest is made of Foam-molded PE, Eco-friendly and waterproof
      • Footplate made of sturdy and enduring plastic
      • Handle made of plastics for durability
      • Patient’s holder: Eco-friendly rubber

Transfer Commode and Over Toilet Wheelchair the Best for Homes Age Cares and Hospitals GILANI ENGINEERING

Transfer Commode and Over Toilet Wheelchairs are the Best for Homes Age Care and Hospitals.


  • Overall measurements: 47cm width &70cm length

  • Overall Seat measurements: 46cm width, 47-67 cm height
  • Armrest height: 74-94 cm
  • Backrest height: 37cm
  • Rear wheel diameter: 3″
  • Front-wheel diameter 5.”
  • Loading capacity: 100kg
  • Packaging size: 72*58.5*33.5cm
  • N.W.:18kg
  • G.W.:23kg
  • Color: Blue, Orange


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