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What is the Difference Between a Shower Chair and a Shower Bench

October 27, 2022
shower chair

Do you have a loved one who is going through mobility issues? Well, limited mobility not only hinders your outdoor travels but also impacts the regular tasks of everyday life; one of these tasks is going to the bathroom and taking a shower. In that case, bathroom assistance products turn essential to take a shower safely and prevent slipping & falling.

The shower aid products for sitting provide the best possible shower experience, ensuring independence for disabled individuals. But which sitting aid product should you buy? Whether the simple & static shower chair is good for you or you should level up and buy the transfer shower benches.

This guide explains the difference between both and when & why you should use either one of these shower aid products:

The Shower Chair

A shower chair, also known as a shower seat, is a simple and static chair placed either wholly inside the bathtub or outside on the bathroom floor. It is a straightforward seating solution for the disabled and elderly who struggle with standing for longer time spans when bathing. Although these shower aid products come in a variety of options, these are the common features of a shower chair:

  • Crafted from corrosion and rust-resistant materials.
  • Usually made of high-quality, durable plastic.
  • Should be placed either wholly inside or outside the bathtub.
  • The seat has drain holes.
  • Lightweight and takes less space.
  • A walker for the shower may be required for a congested bathroom with a shower chair set.
  • Easy to clean.

The Transfer Shower Bench

A transfer shower bench is quite similar to a shower chair, primarily in terms of functionality. In fact, it’s a level up of a standard shower chair, as the transfer bench allows the user to “transfer” in and out of a bathtub, that too in a sitting position. It is way wider than a shower chair and is assembled precisely with two legs outside the tub on the floor and the other two legs in the tub.

Once placed appropriately, a user can sit on the bench from one side and hold the side rails to elevate his legs, comfortably placing them inside the bathtub. A detachable shower head is a prudent option as it will allow the user to take a shower all over the body while sitting static. Down here are the features of this shower aid product at a glance:

  • Wider than a standard shower chair.
  • Made of rust-resistant materials.
  • The seat comes in both options: padded (waterproof) and plastic (with drain holes).
  • Crossing over the bathtub allows easy transfer in and out of the tub.
  • Heavier than a shower chair and takes comparatively more space.
  • Comes in both foldable and fixed options.

The Bottomline: Which One Should You Choose?

Well, the answer to this query largely depends on the nature of the user’s condition. A transfer shower bench is a prudent option if a user has high risk of falling or losing their balance while entering or exiting the bathtub. However, since it takes considerably more space than a shower chair, ensure the tub is big enough to accommodate a caregiver.

Correspondingly, if one does not struggle with getting in or out of the tub and only needs a shower aid for sitting, a small & lightweight shower seat should do the job. Furthermore, if one needs assistance with transferring in and out of the tub, in a relatively crowded bathroom space, you can pair a small shower seat up with sturdy side rails for added support and balance. Using a waterproof walker for the shower may also help in this case.

If one’s mobility issues are way more severe, they can easily upgrade to more advanced options such as PVC Shower Wheelchair or Self Propelled Shower Wheelchair. After all, it’s all about offering the utmost independence to people with limited mobility issues.

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