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4 Significant Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Shower Wheelchair

November 2, 2022
shower wheelchair in the bathroom

Do you want a comfortable shower while having limited mobility? You can do this with a shower wheelchair that does not leave you alone in the washroom.

Sometimes people buy the wrong chair and face obstacles while showing up. Probably they make mistakes while purchasing shower wheelchairs. Being an expert, in this blog post, we have discussed four crucial aspects that you must keep in mind before making a shower chair purchase.

What are those points/aspects? Let’s start! Keep reading.

  • Durability
  • Material
  • Portability
  • Type of chair


This factor matters a lot because taking a shower is a daily act. That’s why it is the foremost thing you must consider while buying a shower chair; need to check the robust ability of the chair’s construction. If you have experience with the chair construction process, you can identify yourself, if not, you should concern with an experienced one, that can be your friend or family member.

We also give valuable suggestions to our customers while buying shower wheelchairs. If you live in UAE, contact us and get a free consultation. Check out our durable & long-lasting shower chairs.

We know you don’t want to purchase an unsafe, uncomfortable, unstable wheelchair. When you check the durability of a chair, you need to check its weight capacity and size. Shower chairs come in various sizes according to the need and preferences of customers.


It is crucial to check out the material used in the shower wheelchair. Mentioned below material are reliable and popular in bath chair manufacturing.


This material is lightweight, long-lasting, and rustproof, making it distinctive from other chairs. It has moisture and humidity-resistant. But those chairs made from pure Aluminum alloy are sold in the market at high prices.

Stainless Steel

It has high corrosion resistance, and it is being used in surgical equipment, wheelchairs, and others. The good thing is stainless steel chairs are affordable.

Coated Mild Steel

This material should be avoided because it rusts once the coating wears down. Because the shower chair will be used in wet conditions, the coating will usually wear out sooner.


It is less durable but more affordable and lightweight. Plastic chairs have limited capability to bear weight. In addition, these chairs don’t have enough features that are available in aluminum and stainless-steel shower chairs.

Types of chairs

Limited mobility requires a different wheelchair. People use shower chairs according to their needs, and each chair has different features. So, before buying a wheelchair, you must select the suitable type of chair that fits your needs. Below mentioned are the useful types of shower and bath chairs.

  • Transfer Bench
  • Standard Shower Chair 
  • Folding Stool
  • Fold Down Shower Chairs
  • Rolling Shower Chairs

These chairs have different functionality; you can buy them as per your need.


Shower chairs are available in various styles and sizes on the market. Some chairs have locking casters that protect them while entering and leaving the bath. Chairs that have a safe leg grip prevent the chair from slipping. For the best selection, avoid selecting dismantled shower chair because that requires the care of tools or parts. A portable shower chair requires less space when not needed use.

Where to buy a suitable shower wheelchair in UAE?

We have comfortable, reliable, portable shower wheelchairs online in UAE. You can find versatile chairs and buy them according to your need. Furthermore, we also offer a rental facility; customers can exchange the chair for other products. Our straightforward payment method provides free shipping on orders above $300.


The best shower chair is reliable in material, portable function, suitable type, and long-lasting. The information mentioned earlier would be helpful to anyone who wants to buy a shower wheelchair. The comfortable aluminum chair will be a perfect choice if you have the budget. But stainless steel would not be a bad option if you have a tight budget, and if you have limited use, then plastic chairs are also an option.

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