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The 5 Best Mobility Toilet Seats in UAE

December 8, 2022
Best Mobility Toilet Seats in UAE

Going to the restroom or toilet by yourself without any assistance is indeed a privilege. But if you’re battling any mobility issues and you need external assistance to get to the toilet, all you require is a mobility toilet seat for maximum ease and comfort. Several commode chairs are now available for people with mobility issues, from transferable & movable toilet aid chairs to simple static ones.

Wondering which one is the best fit for you based on the extent of your problem? Well, we’ve got you covered right here. This article lists the 5 best mobility toilet seats to buy in UAE, choose the variants that you think are perfect according to your requirement and budget. But before we get to that, these are the things you need to consider before buying an adult toilet chair or a mobility toilet seat:

How to Choose a Mobility Toilet Seat?

The suitability of a raised, movable, or static toilet seat largely depends on one’s nature of the problem, age, extent of mobility issues, and budget. But here are some basic things that health experts suggest to look for before choosing your toilet aid commode chair:

  • Strength: The most important thing is the strength and sturdiness of a commode aid chair, since it ensures safety, and the reason you buy a commode chair is to be safe from falling over when sitting on it or leaving the chair.
  • Stability: Make sure the toilet seat you’re using is stable enough to withstand your load when you’re holding its armrest. Your entire balance remains dependent on the chair itself, so ensure the best levels of stability whether it’s a movable, electric, manual, fixed, or portable toilet chair.
  • Weight Capacity: Standard load capacity for an adult toilet chair is up to 300 lbs but if the user’s weight is above average, as it goes in the case of seniors, a bariatric adult toilet chair should do the job perfectly!

Mobility Toilet Seats in UAE: The 5 Best Ones to Buy

1. Electric and Movable Toilet seats with Height Adjustability

  • An “all-inclusive” toilet chair that possesses every possible feature you could expect; portability, electric motion control, height adjustability, and stability.
  • The wheels come with strong safety brakes to make sure it remains unmoved when your putting your load on it, whether during sitting down or holding its armrest.
  • The commode seat itself is detachable. The overall body is waterproof making it a portable toilet chair that converts into a shower chair within seconds!
Electric And Height Adjustable Patient Transfer Chair My Mobility

2. Multipurpose Bariatric Toilet Commode Chair

  • A bariatric wheelchair plus toilet commode chair, specially designed for seniors and individuals with above-average weight, this chair has incredible load capacity and offers maximum space for added convenience.
  • The commode bucket on this adult toilet chair is detachable. Therefore, when the bucket is removed, it can be used as a standard “externally assisted” wheelchair.
  • The wheels are equipped with safety brakes to ensure safety when in use, while its water-resistant body allows its use under the shower.
Multipurpose Bariatric Toilet Commode Chair My Mobility

3. Height Adjustable and Foldable Commode Chair

  • This one is a standard, static toilet seat but comes with height adjustment options to ensure convenience and a detachable commode bucket to make it work as a shower chair as well.
  • With the unique foldable option, this commode chair works as a portable toilet chair and can be stored and transferred easily. 
  • The best thing about this particular toilet seat is its price. It’s highly affordable yet pretty much covers all the basic functions of a mobility bathroom aid product. All this at a remarkably good price as compared to other Dubai toilet seats.
Height Adjustable Commode Chair With Foldable Option My Mobility

4. Transfer the Commode Chair and Wheelchair

  • In addition to being the ideal commode chair, this particular variant boasts its incredible height adjustment and 360-degree opening feature for easy transfer from the sofa or bed to the chair.
  • The sturdy wheels feature a durable brake and locking system to provide stability when in use - smooth movement when unlocked and incredible stability when locked!
  • The locks are foot-operated to allow easy unlocking and quick locking whenever required by just a push of the foot!
Transfer Commode and Over Toilet Wheelchair My Mobility

5. Standard Wheelchair with Commode Option

  • In general, it looks like a standard, externally assisted wheelchair. But it comes with a removable commode bucket option that makes it work as a toilet seat as well.
  • The wheels feature safety brakes for stability and firmness, while the armrests provide excellent grip and support.
  • The overall composition is what makes it stand out as compared to many other Dubai toilet seats and adult toilet chairs. The materials are anti-rust, waterproof, and durable enough to make it last a lifetime.
Portable Shower Toilet Transfer Commode With Foldable Wheelchair My Mobility


Mobility toilet seats provide comfort to disable or reduced people. These toilet seats, as mentioned above chairs play vital roles to handicapped people. Every chair has a different shape and is designed for a specific reason per a disabled person's needs and preferences. Furthermore, these products are made from robust and reliable products. You can buy these chairs online in SHARJAH, AJMAN, RAS AL KHAIMAH, DUBAI, ABU DHABI, FUJAIRAH, and other cities in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, you can products on MyMobility on a rental base - fulfill the need and then change products as per your need.

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