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Top 7 Comfortable Adult Toilet Chairs In UAE

November 14, 2022
top 7 commode chairs in the UAE

Have you been facing issues to use the bathroom with limited mobility? Don’t worry, we will suggest to you the best adult toilet chairs that suit your need and preference.

Limited mobility creates the need of a toilet chair in the bathroom. Due to several reasons, including back pain, and leg injury, abdomen surgery enables individuals to use a toilet chair in the bathroom. The Adult toilet chairs give a comfortable and secure living style to people with limited mobility. No doubt, toilet chairs have a lot of benefits, but we should consider the right toilet chair because many types are available with different functionality. 

If you live in UAE and seeking a comfortable and reliable adult toilet chair, please check out our latest collection. 

1: Foldable Adult toilet chair with comfortable Seat in UAE

Multipurpose Electric and Manual Wheelchair With Foldable Option My Mobility

The armrest on this chair is fixed. Additionally, because of its adjustable height, it is well suited for use in hospitals, at-home primary care, and even outdoors. Thanks to its sophisticated design, all processes for getting on and off the toilet are simple and secure. Its adjustable legs make it simple to position in accordance with the user's height and ensure an incredibly comfortable experience.


  • Foldable seat and removal potty seat
  • It has a 120 kg weight capacity
  • Heavy-duty toilet aid chair
  • Easy folding and carrying
  • High-quality, minimal flex plastic seat and lid

2.Multipurpose Toilet Adult chair in UAE

Multipurpose Electric and Manual Wheelchair With Foldable Option My Mobility

This chair has the multipurpose capability, superb weight capacity, and perfect durability. It is the best choice for bariatric patients to provide complete comfort and satisfaction while bathing. Furthermore, it can be used in anywhere in the home, including in your bedroom or living room in an urgent situation.


  • Removable toilet chair bucket
  • Water resistance 
  • Versatile Usage
  • 4 castor wheels with brakes
  • Easy to lock on wheels
  • It has a 250 kg weight capacity

If you live in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere in the UAE, you can buy this chair from us online.

3. Foldable and Electric Waterproof Adult toilet chair in UAE

Multipurpose Electric and Manual Wheelchair With Foldable Option My Mobility

This chair is foldable and electric with waterproof, and if the patient is serious about mobility, it is a perfect choice. Furthermore, an electric shower chair is designed to help people with dwindling balance. It enables individuals to take showers independently and safely while seated. In addition, transfers are quick, simple, and comfortable with this electric adult toilet chair.


  • Available with a waterproof pouch for motor
  • Comfortable handlebar for carrier
  • It has a rotation wheel’s ability up to 360°
  • Legs can open to 865 mm wide
  • Its Front castor wheels with locks

4. Transfer Over Toilet Wheelchair in UAE

Multipurpose Electric and Manual Wheelchair With Foldable Option My Mobility

The friendly design of this transfer toilet chair over a toilet wheelchair makes it one of Dubai's most comfortable transfer toilet chairs. It features a 360-degree backing opening and versatile toilet chair parts. These parts help people with limited mobility to move from the sofa or bed to the wheelchair and vice versa. The design, overall, is sturdy to withstand high load capacities. Here are some other features to know:


  • Comes with additional accessories, such as a sofa cushion for added comfort.
  • Sturdy wheels for smooth & hassle-free movement.
  • Up to 100 kg load capacity.
  • Allows easy transfer from the wheelchair to the bed or sofa.

5. Portable Transfer Adult toilet chair With Foldable Wheelchair in UAE

Multipurpose Electric and Manual Wheelchair With Foldable Option My Mobility

The highly versatile portable wheelchair in Dubai, this particular product can work as a shower chair, transfer chair, adult toilet chair, and externally assisted wheelchair. It serves all the purposes rightly, thanks to the creativity of its design. Its overall design makes it work as a transfer & toilet chair wheelchair, albeit with external assistance. The portable toilet chair seat converts it into an Adult toilet chair easily, while it can be used as a shower chair due to its waterproof parts. Here are some more features to know:


  • It features an adjustable height option for easy sitting down & getting up.
  • Non-slip wheels with safety brakes allow safe & convenient movement.
  • It comes with a comfortable backrest.
  • It features a load capacity of up to 100kg.

An Adult toilet chair over toilet provides comfort

People with limited mobility can’t move properly, and their super need is an Adult toilet chair over the toilet. They can move their chairs near the toilet and feel comfortable. You can buy these chairs in DUBAI, ABU DHABI, SHARJAH, AJMAN, RAS AL KHAIMAH, FUJAIRAH, and other major cities in the United Arab Emirates.


The Adult toilet chair is one of the integral toilet aid products and holds massive importance for people with limited mobility. Here on MyMobility, we offer several adult toilet chair variants, from movable to adjustable to static ones. Choose the perfect one based on your requirement and place your order. We serve mobility products in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other cities in UAE.

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