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We have a versatile collection of walking aid products, including wheelchairs, electric scooters, shower aid, beds, and recliner sofas. We sell these products online in UAE. All products are reliable, long-lasting, and comfortable. You can also get the product on rent; after a specific period, you may return and buy a new one. Our online policy is straightforward that doesn’t impact your online shopping process. You just have to select a product and place an order. So, make your online shopping for mobility products easy.


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  • Electric Wheelchairs (20)
  • Home Assistance (19)
  • Wheelchair Cushions and Accessories (18)
  • Kitchen Accessories (13)
  • Manual Wheelchairs (11)
  • Wheelchair Ramps (11)
  • Walking Aids & Assistive Equipment (10)
  • Beds and Recliner Sofas (8)
  • Shoe Racks in UAE (8)
  • Commode Chairs (7)
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