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Rechargeable Table Lamp Desk with USB Charging Touch For Study

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Fulfilled by MyMobility
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Key Features

  • Multi-angle adjustment capabilities with an ultra-long lighting mask for wide illumination
  • Three-second turning-on process – just press and hold the power button
  • Stepless Brightness and Dimmable Colors
  • A function key to adjust the brightness of our desk lamp.
  • Features 52 high-quality LED beads and a patented honeycomb structure lampshade
  • High transmittance and low loss for a mild and non-dazzling light.
  • Touch-controlled LED desk lamp allows for easy adjustments with simple sliding motions
Fulfilled by My Mobility
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Illuminate Your Bedroom, Study Desk & Workspace with Our Table Lamp

MyMobility rechargeable table lamp is a versatile lighting solution used anywhere without a power outlet. It provides convenience and portability, making it ideal for use in various settings such as a bedroom, living room, or office.

A Cordless Lighting Solution

With its rechargeable battery, you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted illumination, making it perfect for reading, working, or even outdoor use. The lamp's sleek and modern design makes it an attractive addition to any space.

Eco-Friendly Features

Our rechargeable desk & table lamp comes with eco-friendly features making it an excellent choice for those who want to reduce their environmental impact. So, invest in a rechargeable table lamp today and enjoy the benefits of cordless lighting at your fingertips.

Light Up Your Workspace

The lamp's minimalist and understated design makes it perfect for lighting up workspaces like offices and studios. The power button can easily adjust the light to your preference. The lamp is available in two distinct color finishes, black and white, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your aesthetic preferences.

So, whether you need a lamp for your office, studio, or any other workspace, the Ideal table lamp is an excellent option for you.

The Incredible Features of Our Table Lamp

·        Wide Range Illumination

Our rechargeable table lamp offers multi-angle adjustment capabilities, an ultra-long lighting mask, and ample lighting space. It also supports front and wide-angle rear adjustment, allowing the LED lamp to illuminate more areas without taking up valuable desktop space.

·        Extra Light for Bedside Lamp

Our versatile table lamp can also be a convenient bedside reading lamp. With a small light under the base, press and hold the power button for three seconds to turn it on.

·        Stepless Brightness and Dimmable Colors

To meet various lighting needs, press the function key to adjust the brightness of our desk lamp. With dimmable colors, find the light of your need and the color of your preference using just one key.

·        Eye-Caring Desk Lamp

The Ultranet desk light boasts 52 high-quality LED beads and a patented honeycomb structure lamp shade. This design allows for high transmittance and low loss, resulting in a mild and non-dazzling light.

·        Touch Control Light

Our touch-controlled LED table lamp allows for easy adjustments. With simple sliding motions, you can turn the lamp on and off and adjust its brightness and color temperature.


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