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Laptop Table Desk Stand for Ever Room and Professional Use

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Fulfilled by MyMobility
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Key Features

  • Lockable wheel plan.
  • One manual locking handle on each side empowers fast change long to address various issues.
  • Wonderful as a bedside table, composing table, PC table, couch side table, nightstand, or concentrate on the table in the home and office.
  • 60L*40W*70-90H cm.
Fulfilled by My Mobility
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Upgrade Your Work-From-Home and Online Class Setup with The Best Laptop Tables In UAE

MyMobility Laptop table work area is sturdy for our office; the board is made of squeezed hardwood which is E1 grade eco-accommodating wood. The cylinder is made of substantial steel material and is powder-covered, guaranteeing dependability and toughness. One handle with a manual lock on each side considers a fast change in level. The level can be changed from 28-35.4 '' (70-90cm), to meet different level necessities. Four haggles are lockable, permitting you to move any place you need, and the lock makes it solid. MyMobility office streetcar is broadly applied in the workplace or home as the ideal Laptop table or front room furniture in the imaginative workspace. Fast and simple gathering, all equipment/instruments included. Highlighting a reduced and adaptable plan, it is great for working, playing, and watching films with your laptop and iPad close to the bed or couch or as a moving workstation while giving a show in the workplace.

Benefits of Laptop table    

The demand for laptop tables has increased in the UAE and Dubai due to the number of people working remotely or taking online classes. Those who spend extended periods of time working on their computers may benefit from the portability, lightweight, and ergonomic design of a laptop table. The use of a laptop table comes with a number of advantages, including the following:

  1. An improved posture: Mymobility laptop table can help you improve your posture by keeping your laptop at eye level, which can help prevent pain in the neck and back. It also enables you to keep a comfortable distance from the screen, reducing the strain placed on your eyes.
  2. Increased productivity: A laptop table can increase productivity since it provides a sturdy and comfortable work surface. You can work for longer periods without experiencing exhaustion, and you are better able to concentrate on your work when you are not bothered by discomfort or pain.
  3. Portability: Because of its light weight and ease of movement, a portable laptop table allows you to bring it wherever you go. If you work from home, you may use it in any room; if you work from a coffee shop or a coworking space, it is easy to transport and use there.
  4. Efficient Use of Space: Laptop tables are purpose-built to be as small and as space-efficient as possible. They are convenient for use on a bed or a desk and can be folded up and put away when not in use. This makes them an excellent choice for compact living spaces such as dorm rooms and apartments.
  5. Multifunctional: Some laptop tables have additional functions, such as built-in fans, LED lights, and cup holders, which can enhance the user experience. These characteristics can be found on some laptop tables. They are a flexible addition to your house since in addition to serving as a breakfast tray, they can also be utilized as a bookstand.

In summary, a laptop table is a handy and practical solution for people who work or study from home in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates. Your posture will be better, you'll get more done, and you'll have a portable workspace that doesn't take up much room and serves multiple purposes. It doesn't matter if you're a student, a freelancer, or an office worker: purchasing a laptop table is an excellent investment in the level of comfort and productivity it will provide you.



Brand MyMobility
Shape Rectangular
Product dimensions 60D x 40W x 70H centimeters
Colour Multicolor
Top material type Wood
Finish type Powder Coated
Item weight 250 Grams
Number of shelves 1
Included components Keyboard Tray
Assembly required Yes


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