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Motorized Automatic Stair Climber Wheelchair Lift

7,521.00 AED

Fulfilled by MyMobility
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Key Features

✅ Automatic Stair Climber 

✅ To transfer a manual wheelchair user up/down stairs

✅ Smart Control Panel

✅ Can carry up to 200kg

✅ Can be at your house, at the hospital, high rise buildings, nursing homes, aged cares and more

✅ Extra wide sliding system for safer and easier transfer.

✅ High quality aluminum alloy

Fulfilled by My Mobility

Available on backorder


Buy Motorized automatic stair climber wheelchair lifts in UAE

A stair climber is a wheelchair lift that makes it simple to carry a wheelchair and its user up or down steps. This wheelchair lift with a motorized stair climber makes it simple to move someone in a wheelchair up and down steps. Anywhere there is a staircase, a wheelchair lift is accessible. This might happen in your home, a hospital, a high-rise structure, a nursing home, an elderly care facility, and many other places.

Motorized automatic stair climber wheelchairs are an excellent way to get around if you have difficulty walking or use a wheelchair. These chairs have motors that help you climb stairs easily and with little effort on your part. They can be a great boon for people who live in high-rise apartments, for example, as they make it easier to get from one floor to the next. Additionally, motorized automatic stair climber wheelchairs can be especially helpful for people who have disabilities that make it difficult or impossible to use traditional stair climbers.

If the patient is unable to move properly then an electric wheelchair is another suitable option. Furthermore, at Mymobility wheelchair price in UAE is competitive. 

What makes this stair climber so special?

  • It has a sophisticated touch control panel.
  • Its upper control handle is positioned ergonomically for the best operator control.
  • Easily takes the patient up and down stairs using a motorized stair-tread system.
  • The dependable wheel locks for patient transfers.
  • 8.5-inch wheels which help to roll with less force.
  • The wheelchair's weight is supported by the loading pallet.
  • Wheelchair users can easily drive into the loading section without the need for further transfers thanks to the 40–60 mm adjustable wheel loading components.
Adjustable wheelchair back lock that secures the chair's back while the lift is running.

Motorized automatic stair climber wheelchair lift My Mobility

Wheels get locked in place while the stair climber is in motion.

Motorized automatic stair climber wheelchair lift My Mobility

The height can be changed with this lever!

Motorized automatic stair climber wheelchair lift My Mobility

The headrest and handle height can be changed using a lever.

Motorized automatic stair climber wheelchair lift My Mobility





Track wheels quickly and safely transport the patient without putting pressure on the carer.

Motorized automatic stair climber wheelchair lift My Mobility






Attendant handbrakes are used to hold the stair climber easily.


How the Stair Climber works:

Checking the battery charge:

  1. Check if the Stair Climber black switch button is switched on
  • means off
  • I means on
  1. If there is any charge in the battery, pressing the red button will cause the green lights to turn on.
  • 1 Light: 25% Charge
  • 2 Lights: 50% Charge
  • 3 Lights: 75% Charge
  • 4 Lights: 100% Charge

Charging the battery:

  • Clockwise the battery connection cable.
  • Plug the charge cable and charge the battery.
  • When battery is charged remove the charge cable and screw tightly clockwise.

Operating the stair chair lift- deploying and folding the stair climber:

  • Firmly press the grey tab above the red tab to release the track.

Folding stair chair lift:

  • Remove the loaded wheel adjustment component.
  • Set the stair chair climber down. There are two screws at the bottom.
  • Counterclockwise turn the two screws
  • Press the loading pallet lightly, and the stair climber will fold.

Extending the operating handle:

  • Press the red bracket 
  • Hold the red bracket firmly in place with one hand while lifting it up or down with the other
  • Release when you are satisfied with the position
  • The headrest can be adjusted in the same way.

Controlling the Stair Climber:

  • The red light will come on at the top of the loading pallet when you press the switch.
  • Activate the red button. The motor can run when the red light is on.


  1. To move the Stair Lift Climber backward, press the up button
  2. To move the Stair Lift Climber forward, press the down button


  • Never leave a wheelchair user in a mobility stair climber unsupervised, and before to usage, always secure the user in the wheelchair and the wheelchair to the stair climber.
  • Rapid posture changes should be avoided as they could harm the wheelchair user or their career. Adjust the handles while holding the mobility stair climber.
  • Incorrect maintenance can lead to harm. Only keep the mobility stair climber maintained for the uses specified in the user manual's product description.
  • To ensure safe use and prevent any harm, please ensure that you are aware of all the safety features and characteristics of this product before using it.
  • Please test the device several times without the wheelchair user inside so you feel completely comfortable using it.
  • For any other questions or a free quote, get in touch with the registered providers of disability aids and equipment by phone or email right now!

Do you wish to use this Mobility stair climber for delivery?

Yes, you may use this universal delivery lifter to transport heavy objects up and down stairs utilizing this stair climber.

Motorized automatic stair climber wheelchair lift My Mobility




  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Extra Accessories: Optional
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 63 x 56 x (112-171) cm
  • Folded Dimension: 112 X 46 X 30 cm
  • Net Weight: 33 kg
  • Gross Weight: 49 kg
  • Loading Capacity: 200kg (please make sure the operator is able to handle the weight capacity)
  • Overall Depth: 111 cm
  • Overall Width 50 cm
  • Motor Output Power: 120W
  • Motor Output Voltage: 20-29.5 v
  • Motor Adaptable Voltage: 110-240 v
  • Motor Current: 13.9 A
  • Battery Voltage: 24v
  • Battery: Lithium Battery x 1PCS
  • Battery lifetime:1000+ electric cycles (input and output)
  • Service life: 3-5 years
  • Max speed: 6km/hr. (3.7mph)
  • Front tires: 6″ PU solid tires
  • Rear tires: 8.5″ solid
  • Climbing slope: 30–60°
  • Charging time: 5 hrs.
  • Width of armrests: 50CM
  • Drive mode: rear drive
  • Braking system: directional wheel


What type of wheelchair do we have?

We have several types of wheelchairs for sale including electric with full functionality and manual that enable the patient to move carefully. 

Which mobility aid product a patient can use?

It depends, if the patient is serious then an electric scooter and wheelchair or related products would be the best option. But if the patent moves a little bit and needs some help, then a walking standing frame for disabled people would be the better mobility product. 


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