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Wheelchair Cushions and Accessories

Wheelchair Cushions & Accessories

Wheelchairs, both power & manual, are becoming more and more popular over time, and rightly so! The ease of mobility this particular equipment provides is truly exceptional. But at the same time, you want your power or manual wheelchair to serve in the long run and keep you mobilized for years to come, don’t you? So, here’s the list of wheelchair accessories that MyMobility offers to keep your mobility up and running for good:

Wheelchair Cushions

Sure, a wheelchair provides easy, efficient, and improved mobility. But something that you can never compromise on when operating a wheelchair is the level of comfort you experience. And maximum comfort is ensured only with the appropriate cushion, whether for the seat, headrest, backrest, or armrest. At MyMobility, we feature a great deal of air cushions, gel cushions, air cushions, wide cushions for bariatric wheelchairs, headrest support, pads, and more. These cushions not only offer comfort but prevent potential injuries or cramps way before any mishap occurs.

Safety Wheels and Brake Extensions

Indeed, it’s all about endless mobility when it comes to wheelchairs. But there should be proper and thorough control over your wheelchair, be it electric or manual. So, the safety wheels and brake extensions become necessary if you use your wheelchair more often on inclined surfaces. Prevent wheelchairs from tipping backward with a pair of anti-tipping safety wheels and experience added safety with brake extension & wheel locks. Explore the products further as we’ve individually explained the mechanism of each accessory.

Wheelchair Backpacks and Holders

Okay, we get it! You’re the regular user of your wheelchair and want all your personal belongings to carry with you. And surely won’t be carrying it all by your hands while you operate your wheelchair. So, what seals the deal, in that case, is a backpack and different sorts of holders. From totes to versatile covers to cases, we have them all for you here. In addition, you can easily place your iPhone or iPad with a dedicated adjustable iPad holder for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Other Wheelchair Accessories

Several more wheelchair accessories that dramatically increase the functionality of your walking aid equipment are available here at MyMobility, some of which include:

  • Positioning accessories
  • Wheelchair trays
  • Safety hook for mobility scooters
  • Footrest & leg rest accessories

Buy Wheelchair Cushions & Accessories from MyMobility

Discover a range of wheelchair air cushions and accessories that optimize the utility of your equipment. Turn your wheelchair into something that runs, stops, turns, and maneuvers just the way you want – that too with extreme precision and efficiency. Make it a carrier of all your belongings with a backpack and experience added comfort with versatile cushions & upholstery. It’s all up here in the list – choose your preferred product, place your order, and get it delivered anywhere in the UAE.

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