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Reliable Manual wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs offer ease & independence of mobility. At
MyMobility, we offer long-lasting, highly functional, and versatile wheelchairs that primarily come in the self-propelled configuration. Our selection features the best manual wheelchair price in UAE, as we aim to offer the best to our customers at the ideal rates.

Keep the mobility in your hands with self-propelled manual wheelchairs, which offer the added benefit of excessive sturdiness and longevity. Here are the several types of wheelchairs you’ll discover in our product catalog up here:

Discover Versatile Types & Variants of Manual Wheelchairs

The products are categorized into various types based on the manual wheelchair parts, accessories, and design:

Standard Wheelchairs

The standard wheelchair is the very basic type of self-propelled wheelchair featuring two large rear wheels with disks for propulsion without any external aid. They’re available in standard (static) and foldable configurations. The active wheelchair price in Dubai is economical that does not impact too much on your pocket. 

Lightweight & Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchairs

Lightweight wheelchairs offer greater ease of mobility as compared to heavy-duty and standard wheelchairs. These wheelchairs typically weigh under 50lbs and the ultra-lightweight ones weigh less than 30lbs. They’re highly maneuverable owing to their lesser weight; load capacity may be a concern only if the user is excessive.

Reclining Wheelchairs

As appears from its name, a manual reclining wheelchair comes with an adjustable backrest and footrest for maximum comfort & convenience. They’re ideal for users who struggle to maintain an upright posture. These wheelchairs offer excellent adjustability, but they might not be portable enough to store or transport easily. That’s because their recliner feature adds to their weight and size.

Transport Wheelchairs

The transport wheelchairs are also lightweight enough to be folded or stored in the trunks. However, they typically require an external aid for mobility, so the user remains dependent on a companion. That’s why most of our assortment offers self-propelled active wheelchairs for sale. But we do have transport wheelchairs if they are what you require.

Buy Manual Wheelchairs from MyMobility

MyMobility features an extensive selection of manual wheelchairs for sale, mainly the self-propelled variants to ensure that mobility remains endless and within your own hands. At our online store, you can buy or rent a manual wheelchair of your choice, as our payment method and policies are all trusted, secure, and reliable. In addition to the manual, you can also explore the collection of electric wheelchairs, scooters, ramps, and other walking aid products.

How much is Wheelchair Price In UAE?

The limited mobility people choose wheel chairs according to their needs. There are versatile wheel chairs available in the UAE and their prices vary according to the functionality of manual and electric wheel chairs. Furthermore, wheelchair price in UAE is almost 1000 to 1500 dirhams depending upon the type of chair. The manual wheelchair price is far less as compared to the electric one.

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