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Buy Comfortable Electric Wheelchairs in Dubai, UAE

Have you been or your beloved one facing mobility issues? Unable to go outside and enjoy the outdoor environment. Don’t worry, an electric wheelchair is a source of mobility for people who are differently abled or are recovering from an illness or injury. Also known as a power wheelchair, this medical equipment is typically based on 4 or 6 wheels and offers several comfort features.

Our electronic wheelchairs are powered by long-lasting batteries that keep the person mobilized for up to 10 miles when fully charged.

Electric wheelchairs typically do not require any manual strength from the upper body. However, the self-propelled power wheelchair does allow you to go from manual to electric and vice versa, just with a click of a button. Here at MyMobility, we feature several variants of heavy-duty and lightweight electronic wheelchairs to help you choose according to your requirements.

We have affordable options of electric wheel chair price in Dubai, UAE.

Electric Wheelchair in the United Arab Emirates: Types & Variants

1. Portable Electric Wheelchairs

Portable power wheelchairs, also known as travel wheelchairs, are primarily for people who travel long distances. It is a lightweight electronic wheelchair with excellent portability options, including quick disassembling of different parts and easy storage for transport. Further, their small yet durable configuration makes them an ideal option for smaller spaces.

Typically, they have a standard load capacity of 300 lbs and can travel within 9 to 15 miles on one charge. If you have an active lifestyle or are a frequent traveler, the portable electronic wheelchair in UAE could be the perfect option. Explore more of these power wheelchairs for sale up here in the list.

2. Foldable Electric Wheelchair

A folding wheelchair is quite similar to a travel wheelchair. The only difference is the portable design. This particular variant is slightly different in how it could be stored in compact spaces. A foldable wheelchair can’t be disassembled but rather folded, reducing its overall length. Therefore, a folding electronic wheelchair would require a bigger space to store for transport than a portable chair. On the positive, this wheelchair features a moveable foot & leg rest and a sling seat.

You can always use a cushion for additional comfort & convenience without the concerns of footplate position. Find a range of foldable power wheelchairs in UAE by scrolling through the list here.

3. Self-Propelled Wheelchair

The words “self-propelled” and “electric” may appear contradictory, but that’s the beauty of this wheelchair! This particular variant of electronic wheelchair is convertible from manual (self-propelled) to electric (power-assisted) with a button click. This excellent feature offers mobility freedom, reducing your dependency on battery power. Aside from the 10-12 miles’ battery range, you can push the side disks to keep yourself mobilized once the battery runs down.

The frame is based on two huge pneumatic rear tires with additional scratch and corrosion resistance coating. Due to the traditional manual body, this wheelchair is highly durable. Here in the list are different self-propelled electric wheelchairs for sale – explore and shop now!

4. Front, Mid & Rear Wheel Drive Wheelchairs

These variants are based on the type of wheels that are powered. Each configuration has its unique use, so pick according to your requirements:

·         Rear Wheel Drive

 These wheelchairs are known for their excellent stability and better top speed than the other two types. These two features make rear-wheel drive the best electric wheelchair in Dubai, owing to the extensive terrains of the Arab Emirates. Furthermore, they are ideal to be used on wheelchair ramps.

·         Mid-Wheel Drive

Featuring a 6-wheel configuration, this electronic wheelchair has the smallest turning radius. That’s because the static, powered wheels are in the middle, and the four (two front, two rear) wheels allow you to spin the chair.

·         Front Wheel Drive

This lightweight wheelchair has powered wheels in front, and two rear wheels are maneuvered for turning. This variant is good for terrains and hilly areas, but you should be careful about turning and spinning at high speeds.

Comfort Features to Look For

  •         Here are the comfort features that you might look for when getting an electric wheelchair in Dubai:
  •         Portability (Disassembling)
  •         Battery Power Range
  •         Enough Weight capacity
  •         Footrest and Largest Adjustability
  •         Tilting, Spinning, and Turning Functions
  •         Reclining Features
  •         Additional Cushion Option

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy electric wheelchairs in UAE?

Explore our listed variants based on wheelchair weight capacity, price, comfort level, power, and portability. From standard to customizable, manual-electric to smart, and portable to folding wheelchairs, scroll through a range of these devices and make a fitting choice based on your requirements – the ideal electric wheelchair assistance awaits you here at MyMobility.

How much does an electric wheelchair price in the UAE?

Its cost depends on the type of wheelchair, its functionality, and its material. Our electric wheelchair price in UAE is between 5000 AED to 40,000 AED in UAE.

How long does an electric wheelchair battery last?

The longevity of the electric wheelchair batteries varies, usually lasting around 2 to 5 years. Its lifespan depends on factors like usage frequency and maintenance practices.  You can use it for 4 to 8 hours per day on a one-time charge.

Where to buy electronic wheelchair accessories in Dubai?

At mymoblity, you can buy several wheelchair accessories including positioning accessories, trays, safety hook, foot and leg rest, bottle and mobile holder, air cushions, torchlight, storage bag, anti-tipping safety wheelchair, etc. 

How does an electric wheelchair work? 

Power wheelchairs are equipped with potent batteries and motors. These motors independently control the drive wheels on each side of the wheelchair, utilizing energy from the batteries to facilitate movement. Users can control the wheelchair via a joystick and remote. 

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