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Fully Adjustable Electric Single Bed With 5 Settings

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Fulfilled by MyMobility
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Key Features

  • Adjustable Electric Bed
  • Heavy-Duty Hospital Bed
  • Five Setting Electric Bed
  • Unique Feature: Trendelenburg positioning
  • IV holders Stand
  • Adjustable height
  • Electric bed weight capacity 225kg
  • Therapeutic Beds
  • Medical Bed
Fulfilled by My Mobility
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Buy an Adjustable Electric Single Bed With 5 Settings 

Adjustable Electric Hospital bed with 5 function settings for home care and hospitals has new and improved features for disability and patients. This fully adjustable electric single bed with 5 settings.

Electric single beds come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any room. They are also adjustable to fit any body type, so you can get a perfect sleep every night. Most electric beds have five settings to customize your sleep experience. There is usually a firm setting for those who like their beds to be hard, a medium setting for those who like them a little softer, and two soft settings for those who want it really soft. Electric beds also come with a memory foam mattress topper to make them even more comfortable.

This Fully Adjustable Electric Bed has 5 different settings making it suitable for use in aged care centers, hospitals, and at home. The adjustable electric bed is suitable for individuals with limited mobility as it is powered with a remote control making it easier to lift and transfer users.

Mymobility sells electric single beds with 5 settings in various cities of the UAE. 

 Features of Hospital Bed 5 functions of the hospital bed:

  • Height adjustable from the floor to the base of the bed: 48cm-86cm
  • Remote Controlled Hospital Bed
  • PP head and footboards and side rails
  • 5″ Central locking castors
  • 200cm long, 92cm wide, and 48 cm high from floor to base
  • Safe Weight 225kg
  • Internal width: 90cm
  • Internal length: 190 cm
  • Overall size: 100cm *213cm

Medical The electric motor controls on the high low five function adjustable electric bed elevate the head, foot, and integrated height of the bed frame with the push of a button on a remote control.

This bariatric medical adjustable electric bed is excellent for use at home or in the hospital. When compared to the manual crank technique, this top-rated hospital bed is far more convenient for caretakers or nurses.

Features of the automatic adjustable electric bed for hospitals:

  • Back up & down
  • Knee up & down
  • Integrated heighten adjustable
  • Tuck away hospital beds rails side design
  • Adjustment together of back and knee position
  • One automatic key regression of flat position (Push down the leg button and back down.)
  • Head and foot boards are removable and provided with a locking system for safety during transport
  • Holes for IV holders, being positioned in the four extremities of the frame
  • The head and the tail of the bed are made of ABS Injection molding
  • Equipped with an advanced touchscreen switch (remote control).
  • Separate ABS guardrail, anti-pinch hand design, guardrail.
  • A flattening key allows the bed to return to the initial state at any angle.
  • The chassis is equipped with an ABS dust cover.
  • The configuration of four braking control with 125 wheels brakes control.
  • The backrest and legs, lifting and tilting function before and after electric five.
  • The back 0-70 degrees; leg 0-35; Lift 0-400mm and 0-180mm degrees 0-12 tilt lift.
  • Please see the photos for further details.

The hospital adjustable electric bed is recommended for everyone including people with:

  • Hemiparesis 
  • Unilateral paresis  
  • Quadriplegic 
  • Stroke 
  • Later stages in Multiple sclerosis (MS) or (MND)  
  • Cerebral Palsy GMFCS levels IV -V 



1-What types of extras or accessories do you have available for the therapeutic beds? 

We can provide a variety of mattresses to go with this chair, including pressure support overlay mattresses for persons who have limited mobility or are prone to getting pressure sores.

2-What makes the hospital bed stand out from other regular beds?  

This useful product includes safety bed rails for people with limited mobility. Similarly, it is simple to use, and the remote allows you to choose from five different settings for the electric bed.

3-What settings can be adjusted on this electric medical bed? 

This bed can be adjusted in 5 different ways.

  1. It can be raised or lowered.
  2. The headrest can be raised or lowered
  3. The leg rest can be raised or lowered
  4. The knee area can fold providing support and going up and down
  5. The Back can be raised or lowered



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