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Wheelchair With Electric Adjustable Seat, Backrest and Rotation

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Fulfilled by MyMobility
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Key Features

  • The armrest can be folded up
  • High-quality synthetic leather easy to clean
  • Fully adjustable for various body shapes and positions
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Total length: 111cm
  • Total width: 57cm
  • Total height (headrest not included): 105.8cm
  • Seat depth: 42cm
  • Weight capacity:110 kg
  • Complies with United Arab Emirates standards
Fulfilled by My Mobility
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Buy Wheelchair with Electric Adjustable Features 

One of the best things about power wheelchairs is that they don't require much maintenance. You simply charge them up when you're ready to use them, and they'll take care of the rest. Plus, they're incredibly affordable, so you can get one without breaking the bank. Our wheelchair price in UAE is economical.  Standing electric wheelchair offers a variety of settings to meet your demands, including pedal, seat angle, and backrest adjustment. To switch from rear to front-wheel drive, select either manual or automatic seat rotation. The optional rocking function of the chair pushes you back and provides a soothing back-and-forth motion that effectively helps you "rock" to sleep.

There's no need to struggle to get out of your chair; with the optional "standing/ sitting" option, the chair will automatically bring you to a fully standing posture. You can also raise yourself to stand height while driving. You can select the 200mm or 450mm lift and enjoy a face-to-face conversation with your friends and family.

When driving up and down inclines, the "auto ramp balancing" function keeps you at 90 degrees. Solid tires eliminate the possibility of a flat, and a handy USB charger on the controller allows you to charge your phone or iPad whenever and wherever you want.

The curved leather seat provides maximum comfort. This, in conjunction with tilting back, can assist relieve pressure by redistributing your body's weight to different locations. The KSO1 is the ideal chair if you want versatility, convenience, comfort, and freedom.

Sleeping, sitting, standing, and all positions in between are all possible. A better function allows you to keep your preferred posture while changing pressure spots by simply tilting the entire chair. It is the 2020 model, with better auto level and extensible functions, as well as a fully padded seat, backrest, headrest, and knee cushions. This electric standing wheelchair is powered by a DC motor and is best used as a walking vehicle outside.


  • The load capacity of a wheelchair/scooter varies depending on the type of ground on which it is utilized.
  • The quoted load capacity of the supplier may have been given for a product that was tested on level ground.
  • However, when the product is utilized on an incline, the load capacity, performance, and stability may alter.
  • These variables, including the maximum grade on which a wheelchair/scooter should be operated safely, must be negotiated with the seller.


  • 360° joystick controller
  • Colour: Black
  • Product Size: Length 85.3cm- 91.6cm
  • Width: 68.3cm
  • Height: 107.8cm-114cm
  • Seat height: 48cm-57.5cm
  • Seat width: 40cm-48cm
  • Seat length: 40cm-48cm
  • Front-drive: 69cm
  • Rear-drive: 63.5m
  • Weight: 55kg-89 kg (depending on customization requested)
  • Front-wheel: 32.5cm
  • Rear motor wheel: 21.5cm
  • Max speed: 6km/h
  • Range: 20km (Max. 50km with 3*batteries)
  • Load: 100kg
  • Battery: 24V/15.6Ah Lithium (there is space for extra two batteries)
  • Charger: AC100-240V DC 24V
  • Brake distance: 1.5m
  • Hold on a slope: 9° Max cross
  • Height Front drive: 8cm
  • Rear drive: 4cm
  • Width: 57cm (outside)
  • Climbing capacity: 10°
  • Turning radius: 90cm
  • Seat rotation: 140cm to rotate the seat to 180°
  • Manual Rotation Mod


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