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Electric Wheelchair With Adjustable Joystick Extension

99.00 AED

Fulfilled by MyMobility
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Key Features

  • Suitable for all wheelchairs
  • Provides more comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy Duty Quality
  • Disability Aid Approved joystick bracket extension 
  • Provides an extension for the arm of the joystick
  • This product allows for the joystick position to be adjustable out 0 – 100mm.
Fulfilled by My Mobility

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Buy adjustable Joystick Bracket Extension for Electrical Wheelchairs in UAE

Adjustable Joystick Bracket Extension for Electrical Wheelchairs in UAE There is a need for an adjustable joystick bracket extension for electrical wheelchairs in the UAE. The joystick bracket extension is a helpful device that allows the wheelchair user to move the joystick in all directions, which enhances their mobility and assists them with tasks such as reaching objects. 

This adjustable joystick bracket extension is also helpful in reducing strain on the arm and shoulder, which can lead to improved quality of life.

Adjustable joystick bracket extension is one of the accessories that someone who uses an electric wheelchair can use to make their chair more comfortable. The bracket extension attaches to the joystick on an electric wheelchair and allows the user to move the joystick up or down, left or right, and tilt it in any direction. This makes it much easier for the person using the wheelchair to control their chair.

This joystick extension for electric wheelchairs will provide more movement and fewer limitations for wheelchair users in your life.

Features of this Joystick Extension:

  • Joystick bracket extension for wheelchairs
  • This product allows for the joystick position to be adjustable out 0 – 100mm.
  • provides more comfort

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