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Electric And Height Adjustable Patient Transfer Chair

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Fulfilled by MyMobility
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Key Features

  • Light Weight Portable Patient Transfer
  • Heavy Duty: 150kg
  • Disability Aid approved; Aged Care Approved
  • Over Toilet Aid Transfer Chair
  • Adjustable height for facilities of various heights.
  • A waterproof design can be used for bathing.
Fulfilled by My Mobility
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Shop Electric and Height Adjustable Patient Transfer Chair In UAE

Mymobility Electric patient transfer wheelchair is one of the most unique products and is located only in the United Arab Emirates. We provide the most innovative and unique Disability Equipment products on the market today. The Patient Transfer Chair has automatically adjusted features including:

  • Automatic Height Adjustability: Allows you to transfer from low places such as your couch to higher places such as your bed or over a high shower rim.
  • Non-slip feet and Safety brakes: When you are being bathed or showering, these safety features ensure that your patient transfer chair stays in place.
  • Swing away split backrest The grab rail makes it easy for patients to transfer from the bed by holding onto it and shuffling forward. Once the backrest has been reattached, the person can be seated.
  • It is convenient for people with mobility difficulties to move from a wheelchair to a sofa, bed, toilet, seat, etc., and easy to go to the toilet, bath, treatment, etc.
  • This large opening and closing design prevent the waists of nurses from being damaged; the load is 150kg, suitable for a variety of body types.
  • A medical muted wheel with a brake on the hub, a double buckle, high security; special seat cushion, comfortable for a long time, and multi-functional use.


  1. Check to see whether the screws in each section are loose after using this product for a while. If anything starts to loosen, quickly tighten it.
  2. The power source for this device is AC low voltage. Dry the machine with a towel if it has water on the surface. Do not immediately rinse with water. 100 W of power.
  3. Please note that this item is an electrical product so please keep the electrical part dry

If your patient has severe back pain and is unable to make then an electric wheelchair and scooter is the best option to move the patient from one place to other. Furthermore, if you want reliable patient transfer mobility products in UAE, contact us


  • Nominal voltage rated power 100W/2A – Drive mode storage battery
  • Lift range: 250mm
  • Load weight: 150kg
  • Overall dimensions: 950*600*350mm
  • N/W: 15kg
  • Internal depth: 48cm
  • Internal width: 46cm
  • Seat width: 45cm
  • Seat depth: 35cm
  • Maximum height: 67cm from the ground
  • Minimum height: 42cm from the ground
  • Insert the backrest into the pedestal spindle, power on the machine, then you can adjust the height with the Up and Down buttons.
  • To adjust the seat, press the Up and Down buttons and release them to stop it. In spite of not releasing the button, the machine will stop automatically at the highest or lowest point.
  • For the sake of safety, this product is designed with low—a voltage power supply.


Why can patients use Electric patient transfer chairs at home?

You can use the patient transfer chair in different places around the house including:

  • The kitchen
  • The living room
  • The toilet
  • Transfer from the shower
  • Your bedroom
  • In a hallway

Who would this product be suitable for?

  • Someone with low levels of strength
  • Someone with low levels of mobility
  • A carer that has low strength
  • Someone who has a shower but not a bath and cannot use a shower
  • Someone with vision issues

Can a patient transfer chair be used at home?

Yes! Most certainly, one of the valuable features of this patient transfer chair is that it is lightweight, portable, and has wheels to help people at home push the person anywhere they need. If you have a look at this product in the video below you can see just how useful it is and where it can be used around the house.

Can you shower and Bath transfer chairs?

Yes! You can certainly use these electric patient transfer chairs in the shower or as toilet chairs. Our shower chairs and bath transfer chairs are waterproof and moisture-resistant. The non-slip finish and safety brakes mean that our transfer chairs can be used whenever and all around the house!

Which is the best mobile shower toilet commode chair?

We offer the one and only best mobile shower commode chair on the market. This product is not only a patient transfer chair but can be used around the house. It has an automatic lifter allowing you to transfer to numerous places in and around the home.



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