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Bottle Holder for Wheelchairs, Scooters and Walkers

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Key Features

  • The Falcon has two very high-quality Brushless Motors
  • The Foldable chair FALCON Adjustable Lightweight Folding
  • This Electric Falcon Wheelchair is ideal for any person’s posture needs
  • It allows you to adjust the back of a wheelchair
  • The FALCON uses advanced technology
  • It is also designed to be a heavy-duty wheelchair
  • Colors Available: Silver, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow
  • You will not find this product anywhere else except here! 
  • Complies with United Arab Emirates standards
Fulfilled by My Mobility
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Buy Bottle Holder wheelchair and scooter in UAE

Mymobility has a huge collection of wheelchairs in UAE including electric and manual. Our all products are reliable and comfortable for limited mobility people. 

The special D09C light folding power wheelchair has an adjustable backrest, which is a unique and exclusive mobility aid device in the United Arab Emirates that enables you to alter the back of a wheelchair. The Falcon is equipped with two excellent Brushless Motors.

The ergonomic design of the FALCON light folding power wheelchair is made possible by cutting-edge technology. Additionally, it is made to be a heavy-duty wheelchair so you may use it in most environments. This lightweight adjustable product's well-researched characteristics allow it to be used in a variety of locations and circumstances, whether it is for regular use or on special occasions at the mall. The 6ah lithium battery for the D09C foldable electric wheelchair is powered by the most recent technology, allowing you to utilize one battery for the power wheelchair even if another one runs out.

Due to the exclusivity of the product, the E Transport Traveller Scooter is mobility assistance that is only offered by us. The only Smart Ultra Light Folding Electric Power Wheelchair with Adjustable Backrest in Dubai and the entire United Arab Emirates is what you can rely on us to give you. We are the only retailer in the United Arab Emirates with exclusive rights to the D09 electric foldable wheelchair, which is comparable to the GED09.

This Falcon Ultra-Lite power Wheelchair is exclusive to this location only

  • The heavy-duty light foldable power wheelchair has a joystick that can be easily removed to accommodate left- and right-handed riders.
  • The D09C features a sleek, contemporary aesthetic and a lightweight frame without sacrificing strength, making it a pleasure to use.
  • Every ride is clean and comfortable because of the washable, detachable, and breathable cushion.
  • The D09C is a masterpiece of engineering that combines durability and beauty.
  • Due to its wider back wheels, it can be driven on uneven terrain, including paved and unpaved roads, grass, gravel, and rugged terrain.
  • The seat is large enough for comfort and room and can easily fit through a typical door. It is both functional and comfy.
  • Simply add the widening kits to one or both sides of the wheelchair for additional width.
  • Simply bring extra batteries with you if you plan to travel longer distances.
  • The light folding electric wheelchair conforms with the rules and is certified for air travel.
  • Since the equipment weighs only 28 kg overall, including the battery, traveling is simple (3 kg batteries and 25 kg frame)
  • Carry-on luggage must have the battery removed and stowed in the cabin per airline regulations.
  • effortless handling and a straightforward joystick layout.
  • Both right- and left-handed people can use the controller because it can be mounted on either side of the wheelchair armrest.

Considerations: Load Capacity for Wheelchair? 

  • Depending on the type of surface a wheelchair or scooter is used on, the weight capacity of the device may fluctuate.
  • A product that has been tested on the flat ground may have been given the supplier's specified load capacity.
  • However, using the device on an incline may alter its load capacity, performance, and stability.
  • These elements, along with the highest gradient that a wheelchair or scooter may be used safely, must be negotiated with the supplier.


1- What is the best portable power wheelchair?

The best portable power wheelchair is the Air Hawk Portable, a light electric wheelchair that folds up easily and fits into a small compartment. It can fit in the trunk of the majority of cars and be taken on aeroplanes as carry-on luggage thanks to its narrow folded width of only 31 cm.

2- What is the lightest power wheelchair?

With a weight of about 25 kg, the Air Hawk is undoubtedly the lightest power wheelchair in the world.

3- Is this Light Folding power Wheelchair All Terrain?

Despite not being all-terrain, this power wheelchair can go on almost any surface you might come across during daily activities. This includes numerous indoor surfaces like carpets and rugs, tiles, wood boards, and many more as well as many outdoor surfaces like grass and rubber used in parks and playgrounds, gravel, and soil.


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