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Blood Flow Stimulating Air Overlay Mattress

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Fulfilled by MyMobility
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Key Features

  • Air Overlay Mattress
  • Pressure Mattress with pump
  • Weight capacity 200 kg
  • Blue color for relaxation
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Made to last
  • Disability, aged care, and post-injury
  • Consistent massage by air circulation
Fulfilled by My Mobility
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Buy Stimulating Air Overlay Mattress for Blood Flow in UAE

Mymobility has versatile recliner items for relaxation you can buy online in the UAE!

A pressure alternating air overlay mattress stimulates blood flow and nourishes the skin through pressure redistribution. At an adjustable cycle time, the air cells on the overlay mattress slowly inflate and deflate under the patient. This allows blood flow to reach the skin for healing, skin breakdown, or bedsores.

Alternating-pressure mattresses/overlays are air-filled sacs that inflate and deflate consecutively to relieve pressure at various anatomical places for brief periods of time; these may include a pressure sensor.

Steps for using this air overlay mattress:

  • The mattress is positioned flat on the bed.
  • Connect the air duct to the mattress and the main unit.
  • Turn on the power and the switch.
  • Begin inflating and rotating the delivery pressure adjuster to its maximum setting.
  • Inflated to stay in bed
  • Adjust the pressure to your liking.

Air Overlay Mattress package includes:

  • Air mattress X1
  • Inflatable host X1
  • Air duct X1
  • Instruction manual X1

What is Bottoming Out?

To avoid 'bottoming out,' all pressure reduction products must be monitored. This happens when the user's weight pushes down on the product material so hard that it flattens, and the bony sections are forced into the surface beneath the cushion or mattress. A different product may be required when bottoming out happens despite proper use (e.g., right inflation levels). It is advisable that a health professional be consulted when considering a suitable pressure care product.

Our overlay mattresses are suitable for the following use:

  • In Hospital
  • In Aged care facilities
  • At home
  • For post-operative rehabilitation
  • For individuals recovering from a Stroke, Motor Neuron Disease, or Multiple Sclerosis

Our overlay mattresses can be used in conjunction with the following:

  • Our standard foam, memory foam, gel, and bamboo mattresses 
  • Our luxury Hi-Lo remote-controlled beds 
  • Our standard hospital beds
  • Adjustable single-bed mattress for use on top of an existing bed or mattress 



  • Parameter
  • Ambient temperature: -20 C ~ +70  C
  • Relative humidity: 10%~100%
  • Atmospheric pressure: 500 hPa~1060 hPa
  • Input power: 0.1A
  • Power supply voltage: AC220V 50Hz
  • Output flow: 300L/h
  • Operating mode: continuous operation
  • Output air pressure: 12 Kpa
  • Feeding protection: IPXO
  • Noise: 40dB
  • Inflatable size: 200X90X7cm
  • Lengthening the length of the fixed piece: lengthening the head and the foot by 50cm each
  • Maximum load: 120- 130 KG
  • Colour: Blue and Beige


1- What colors are available for the air overlay mattress?

We are only selling the white cream color right now because the blue one is sold out.

2- How does the overlay mattress prevent pressure sores and ulcers?

Overlay mattresses have been clinically shown to reduce pressure ulcers and sores. Pressure sores can be avoided by limiting the intensity and duration of mechanical stresses applied to sensitive skin locations that are not pressure-adapted, such as:

  • Using pressure-redistributing mattresses/cushions, such as our pressure-redistributing overlay mattress, helps reduce exposure to localized pressure.
  • Intermittent pressure relief is achieved through the substantial or slight shifting of patients, as well as alternating mattresses and cushions to reduce pressure.
  • The air-filled pressure overlay mattress reduces the intensity of pressure, lowering the risk of developing pressure sores.

3- Who can use it and what are the benefits?  

  • Anyone who is at risk of developing or already has pressure ulcers
  • Allows for pressure redistribution and comfort
  • Improves sleep

4- Can I use it for everyday use? 

Yes, you can use it while sleeping on a daily basis. However, an air mattress is not appropriate for everyone, especially youngsters and pregnant women.

5- What is an inflatable air mattress overlay?

An inflatable air mattress overlay is a mattress that can be filled with air to provide comfort and prevent pressure sores.


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