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Bathing Aids for Seniors and Disabled People 

Bathroom and shower aids are essential equipment for disabled people, the handicapped, and the elderly with limited mobility. Sometimes older people fall in the bathroom due to the slippery floor, that's why the bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas of the home. MyMobility provides a wide collection of bathroom and shower aid equipment, including potty seats, portable toilet chairs, PVC commode chairs, pediatric showers, bathroom commode accessories, toilet seats, sanitary ware, shower chairs and many valuable and comfortable products for disabled or handicapped people. 

MyMobility ae has the foremost aim to provide high-quality large resources for disabled people for bathing and shower aids in UAE.

Usage of Bathing and Shower Aids equipment 

Usage of bath lift: A patient who cannot physically lower or pull themselves out of the bath, strapping a patient onto a chair for bathing so as to prevent them from falling or drooping into the water, and sitting and showering within the bath basin in comfort and security. 

Usage of Bathroom Accessories: Disabled individuals can use the bedpan on the bed and get toilet access. In addition, cleansing feet with a foot wash basin and preventing falls using a shower mat.

Shower Chairs: Having a way to sit down while taking a shower, a safety precaution to prevent slips and falls in the sink, and for people who can't comfortably stand up while taking a shower.

Toilet seat or commode chair: If the patient is unable to move properly and has a back problem, and chest, abdomen, and legs operation or treatment, a toilet seat and toilet commode is the best option. For durability, you can use disposable toilet seat covers that complete your toilet. 

Sanitary ware: It includes toilet sinks, urinals, washbasins, pedestals, and more.

Why choose  our shower chairs?

Durable: Our bathing aid products are manufactured from high-quality material as we know these products will be in contact with water; that's why durability matters a lot.

Help Offered: products are crafted for special people (disabled), that's why they are fully functional and easy to use. So, these products provide the help you need.

Price: We sell products at economical prices in UAE and do not put the burden on the pocket of disabled people and their beloveds. 

Functionality: Our products have easy functionality that enables the user to use the product easily. If you have any questions, you may contact us

Rental services: You can return the product and exchange it with other bathroom and shower aid products. For example, if you buy an electric commode chair, after its proper use you can exchange it with other equipment like a toilet seat, etc. 

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