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Air Wheel Electric Wheelchair With a Remote Control and Auto Folding Options

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Key Features

  • 1 year warranty 
  • Fast charging time only 2-3h
  • Airline friendly 24v lithium battery
  • Impressive 120 kg weight capacity
  • Full united arab emirates warranty
  • Fits easily into the boot of most vehicles
  • Removable, washable seat cushion and backrest
  • Complies with united arab emirates standards
  • Lightweight foldable mobility air wheel h3ps smart wheelchair
  • Small, portable, and ideal for travel by train, plane, or most cars
Fulfilled by My Mobility
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Buy air Power Wheelchair with Remote Control

The H3PS Air wheel Power wheelchair is a professional piece of smart travel equipment that incorporates the most recent development, scientific, technical, and refined design of the previous H3PS model. This product has received positive feedback from customers, and we are pleased to present the most recent design of the H3PS smart wheelchair.

It is difficult for people who need to travel in a wheelchair because they frequently face challenges one after the other due to the steering situation, such as slopes and cobbled roads. We have launched the smart wheelchair H3PS to help with these challenges. The power wheelchair price in UAE depends on its type. 

Mymobility sells various types of wheelchairs in UAE including electric and manual.

The following are notable characteristics of the smart Power wheelchair:

  • Green Power Drive

The robot H3PS motorized Air wheel power wheelchair uses a double motor design, providing enough power to its 12.5-inch rear wheels, with a climbing angle of up to 8° and a standing angle of 8°. The GEH3PS electric automatic folding wheelchair, when combined with the flexible front wheels, can handle all types of road conditions, allowing people to save energy and see more scenery.

  • Easy operation

Its lever has an easy-to-learn intelligent control handle and all functions are controlled by a single button. Furthermore, the smart handle allows for left and right interchange, making everyone's ride more comfortable and smoother. The left and right armrests are also removable and retractable, making it simple for the user to eat or get on and off the wheelchair.

  • Increase your independence

This power wheelchair also comes with bluetooth remote control, which can be used to control the wheelchair's forward and backward movement, left and right turning, folding and unfolding, and quickly turning on and off the headlights. The barrier-free remote-control distance is up to 8 meters, and the Bluetooth remote control can control the wheelchair to be close to, parked, and folded during daily use.

  • Improved joystick operation

The armrest's smart controller can display various function buttons at a glance. Independent buttons are used for acceleration, deceleration, lighting, horn, and so on; the 360°smart joystick is extremely comfortable in the hand. The Airwheel Robot controller is also detachable and can be mounted on the opposite armrest.

  • Super traffic ability

The Robot power wheelchair's rear wheels use a 10-inch pneumatic tyre with a double-layer structure of the inner tube and outer tire, which provides excellent shock absorption. There aren't many bumps when riding on grass and gravel roads. There is no pressure when climbing on slope roads due to the use of two sets of drive motors and one pushrod motor.

  • Safety

The Power wheelchair allows it to be parked well on slopes without slipping back. The rear wheel has multifunctional anti-roll wheels that effectively prevent the body from tipping when going up and down or reversing. When folded, it can also be used as a support angle. When reversing, H3PS will automatically sound an alarm to warn those nearby and avoid unnecessary collisions. The front of the smart controller is also outfitted with head LED lights for illumination.

  • Fold-ability

The mainframe of an electric folding mobility wheelchair is designed so that folding and unfolding can be accomplished with a single button press. Folding and unfolding take approximately 20 seconds. Please note that you must first press the switch on the smart controller before folding. After confirming that the indicator light is off, press and hold the "Decelerate/Fold" button to begin folding the wheelchair. Bluetooth remote control and app control are equivalent.

  • Moving around with ease

It typically offers a smaller turning radius and is designed for individuals with limited hand mobility. The Airwheel GEH3PS is one of the lightest folding power wheelchairs on the market, weighing approximately 19.5 kilograms. This unit folds into a single piece measuring only 950x605x340mm, which is quite compact compared to others. It is ideal for people who are constantly on the move. Auto Folding can be completed in seconds. Given how small it is when folded, you can easily store it in the trunk of your car or in other confined spaces.

  •  Impressive capacity

The Flexible Aircraft wheel A power wheelchair has a maximum weight capacity of 120 pounds and a maximum speed of 6 kilometers per hour.

  • Bluetooth pairing with mobile phones using the air wheel app.

Using the QR code located on the wheelchair, the Airwheel app can be downloaded on Android or iOS devices. 11111111 is the Bluetooth verification password for connecting the wheelchair to your phone. After the phone is paired with the wheelchair, the Airwheel app on the phone can control all joystick functions.

Specifications of the Air Wheel Power wheelchair:

  • Product Size: 955mm*605mm*855mm
  • Folding size: 950mm*605mm*340mm
  • Net weight: 19.5kg (without battery)
  • Frame: Aluminium Alloy grade 6061
  • Front wheel: 7 inches
  • Rear-wheel: 10-inch Pneumatic tires
  • Clutch lever: changing the mode between electric and manual
  • Obstacle: <25mm
  • Battery: 524 W/h, 20Ah, Lithium small battery
  • Battery weight: 1.5kg
  • Charging time: 2-3h
  • Turning radius: 100 Cm
  • Speed: 6km/h
  • Load capacity: 100kg
  • Climbing ability: ≥6°
  • On-hill performance: 9°
  • Folding: auto and manual-folding
  • Braking distance: ≤1.5m
  • Motor: brushless
  • Voltage: 25.2V
  • Motor power: 200W*2 Pcs
  • Airplane certification
  • How long does a power wheelchair battery last?

A fully charged battery for a power wheelchair lasts approximately 20 kilometers before needing to be recharged. Our Air Hawk power wheelchairs and Falcon Power wheelchair batteries travel approximately 25 kilometers further than the average power wheelchair. Our power wheelchairs, such as the Air Hawk and Falcon, are equipped with two 6AH lithium-ion batteries, which are the highest quality and longest-lasting batteries available for power wheelchairs. The Air wheel Power wheelchair can be fully charged in only two to three hours and is the only auto-folding wheelchair with remote control.

  • How to convert a manual wheelchair to a power wheelchair?

Depending on your goals, you can convert a manual wheelchair to an electric wheelchair in a number of different ways.

The power assist is an excellent mobility solution if you want a manual, lightweight, foldable wheelchair but do not frequently travel outdoors and only occasionally require a powered wheelchair. The power assists easily attaching to the back of your manual wheelchair to convert it into an electric wheelchair and detach when you wish to convert it back to a lightweight manual wheelchair.

If you are looking for a manual foldable wheelchair but would prefer a power wheelchair that can be steered more like a mobility scooter, the hand cycle may be a better mobility solution for you! The hand cycle is an innovative piece of technology that attaches to the front of your manual wheelchair and features steering handlebars. The hand cycle transforms your manual wheelchair into a robust electric wheelchair or mobility scooter.

If you are the type of person who uses both manual and power wheelchair features equally and desires the ability to switch between electric and manual with minimal effort, a hybrid manual/power wheelchair is for you. The self-propelled wheelchair is appropriate for you. You can convert a hybrid power wheelchair to a manual wheelchair at the touch of a button and switch back if you so choose! These self-propelled wheelchairs are the lightest available power wheelchairs, weighing approximately 19 kilograms. In addition to being foldable, simple to use, and easy to store, they retain the manual wheelchair's functionality.

The Falcon/ Air Hawk/ Air wheel power wheelchair is an option for you if you want to primarily use the power wheelchair functions but still have the option to use it manually if the battery dies. These wheelchairs can be converted to manual wheelchairs with the flip of a switch, so you do not need to worry if your power wheelchair battery dies in public.

  • How to use a power wheelchair?

The powered wheelchair is intuitive and simple to operate. Our power wheelchairs are joystick-operated, meaning that the joystick can be used to control all functions. You can increase or decrease the speed by clicking the plus or minus buttons on your joystick, respectively. Simply point the joystick in the desired direction to move in any of the 360 possible directions! It is one of the most user-friendly wheelchairs on the market because it can be controlled with a remote and folded automatically by the remote when the user is off the wheelchair.



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