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Air Seat Cushion for Wheelchair

199.00 AED

Fulfilled by MyMobility
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Key Features

  • Provide extra support for your hip and back
  • Long lasting Freshness
  • Versatile and suitable for aged care centers
  • Support up 200kg
  • Ergonomic design
  • Long lasting quality Cushion
  • Air Seat Cushion Inflatable for Wheelchair, office chairs and car seats
Fulfilled by My Mobility

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Buy Air Seat Cushions For wheelchairs in UAE

Our cushion may be inflated to your preference, making sitting more comfortable and lowering your chance of developing pressure sores.

My Mobility recognizes that Inflatable Air Seat Cushions are just as important as the mattress you sleep on. To avoid feeling hot and humid when sitting in your wheelchair, comfort and breathability are crucial.

My Mobility prioritizes your comfort, which is why we design bespoke cushions. Cushions can be modified to your taste, just like everyone has different preferences for what their mattress texture should be. 

For our Custom made cushions choose your preferred: 

  • External material: Canvas, Polyester, Dunlop
  • Thickness
  • Dimensions
  • Internal filling: cooling gel, foam, memory foam, air, inflatable, Dunlop



With 56 plump 3D air cells coated in breathable Lycra fabric, these air seat cushions are specially designed to provide extra support for your hip and back. This cushion provides good lumbar support and has been shown to decrease aches and pains by dispersing pressure from sitting by up to 30%.


When one cell is crushed, air flows to other cells around it, maximizing air circulation. As a result, heat flow away from the body is maximized, as is that uncomfortable office chair experience, all while supporting your posture, preventing inactive sweating, and supporting your sensitive delicacy.


With this inflatable seat cushions, you can support up to 200kg wherever you need it. Have a long road ahead of you? We've got your back! Is there a deadline at work? Not a problem! Are you working on your thesis? Please have a seat! Increase your comfort and productivity.


These Inflatable Seat Cushions are more durable and customizable than foam support cushions. It's simple to achieve your chosen inflation level, whether it's 70%, 80%, or even totally inflated; it's entirely up to you. Your posture will thank you for your purchase due to the ease of storage and portability.


Now for the science: our high resilience and quality conformable air cell cushion is coated with a hard-wearing and readily washed anti-bacterial Lycra fabric. The non-slip silica gel grip keeps your cushion firmly in place. To top it all off, the air pockets are composed of environmentally friendly TPU materials.


This is intended to be a useful, comfortable, and stable sitting environment that will aid in skin breakdown prevention. The cushion is made up of interconnecting air cells that may be inflated and adjusted to fit the needs of the particular user.

The Cushion is ideal for use as a lounge chair, wheelchair cushion, or shower cushion. This cushion is appropriate for persons who sit for shorter amounts of time and are at risk of pressure ulcers but do not currently have any or only have minor-stage pressure ulcers.

This cushion is indicated if the user sits for long periods of time, such as all day in a wheelchair, or if the user has more advanced pressure sores.

The Cushion includes a hand pump as well as instructions.


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