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Free Standing 4-Tier Stackable Shoe Bamboo Rack in Different Combinations

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Key Features

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Fulfilled by My Mobility
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Buy a Reliable Bamboo Shoe Storage Rack in the United Arab Emirates

To keep your shoes organized and off the floor, use the MyMobility shoe storage rack at home. This rack is perfect for tiny houses, flats, and garages because of its compact size and stylishly rustic appearance. It keeps your mudroom, bedroom, or entryway tidy and can carry around 12 pairs of shoes. The wood shoe shelf closet organizer has a light wood grain and a slatted design that lets your shoes breathe and drain. Every home should have a rack because it keeps shoes off the floor and arranged, giving the room a tidy appearance.

Not only does it reduce clutter, but it also shields shoes from harm and makes finding the right pair simple. By decreasing the damage done to shoes by dust, dampness, and other environmental variables, racks also serve to lengthen their lifespan. A shoe rack also saves time and effort since it removes the inconvenience of looking through a pile of shoes on the floor for the proper pair. Thus, purchasing a shoe rack is wise for organization and footwear durability.

Our rack has a straightforward, practical design that blends well with your way of life. The several floors provide lots of space for storing items like potted plants, clothing, shoes, and baggage.

The bamboo rack is 27 inches long, with four levels, and "W x 11" D x 25.6" H. Three to four pairs of shoes may fit on each tier, and the 4.6 "It can be used to store slippers or other goods and measures height from the floor to the bottom.

Each main pole of the bamboo shelf includes grooves at both ends that may be used to splice them together using bamboo tips. As a result, you may stack extra racks on top of one another to provide more storage space.

The shoe shelf kit has all the required hardware and accessories for simplicity. It only takes a few minutes to put everything together. Any questions you may have regarding our products may be answered by our customer support staff at any time.

The 5-year-old high mountain bamboo used to make this rack has a distinct texture and a rustic appeal. It combines modern high-temperature carbonization technology, which makes it tough, durable, and good at waterproofing.


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